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Marty and Adam approached KOTO in June this year.

They told us they had a plan. When they revealed it had been hatched over a few two many Tiger Beers - well to say these least we were worried.

We were even more concerned when we heard the details. Their plan was simple - to travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, by cyclo.

In all it it a total of 1,700ks. Only two men in a pub would conceive such a plan.

However, the pair are now for the most part, sober and still they want to do the ride. They want to do the ride for KOTO and that's where we come in.

My employer, KOTO provides training in the hospitality industry to disadvantaged and street youth in Hanoi, Vietnam. In short we take in young people provide a home, an allowance and an 18-month training programme. Over 100 young people have now been through the programme and we have a 100% success rate in finding them jobs.

KOTO is an extended family. A very happy family, but like all family it needs breadwinners. KOTO relies on its many friends to continue to provide the service it does.

Both Marty and Adam are tour group leaders with Intrepid. And Intrepid have offered to double all sponsorship donations. In short, for every dollar you give, KOTO gets two.

If you want to donate then click on the Intrepid link. If you want more information on KOTO then click on the KOTO link. It's that simple.

In the meantime, the staff, volunteers and trainees at KOTO are 100% behind Adam and Marty. We thank them for supporting KOTO and hope they have a trip of a lifetime.

Take care lads - see you in Saigon

Steve Jackson